Jennifer Quashnick

Tahoe Mountain News - SN Trail of Murder

"Quashnick writes a fabulous first thriller."

Tahoe Daily Tribune - SN Trail of Murder

"Locals will dig into 'Sierra Nevada: Trail of Murder,' as will dog lovers and anybody who enjoys a solid whodunit tale."

Tahoe Mountain News - SN River of Lies

“Quashnick gives us a sweet second date in River of Lies."

Tahoe Daily Tribune - SN Dangerous Developments

“[An] action packed story...filled with suspense and non-stop surprises..."

Tahoe Mountain News - SN Dangerous Developments

"[Quashnick's] sense of timing and clever plotting keep one reading, hungry to know what happens next...[her] third foray into the world of fiction is well done on more than one level and makes for an interesting, entertaining read. Move over, Todd Borg, and make some room for a new mountaingirl." - Tahoe Mountain News

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